Ralph E. Sipes
Attorney at Law

Madison County Commissioners 2019 Tax Sale

Meeting all statutory deadlines and finalizing
your tax deed is important to us.

The Madison County Commissioners Tax Sale is scheduled for April 8, 2019. Contact me if you want assistance in obtaining your Tax Deed. If you are ready to buy properties, or have referrals, my terms are the same as for the last tax sale: Per certificate, my attorney fee is a flat rate of $500, and I take payment for the title search, too, all up front before I commit to do any work.

I also require reimbursement of postage expenses. For that fee I will file the Form 137B for reimbursement of your expenses if the property is redeemed. The last time I checked the court's order only requires a redeeming party to pay up to $450 of the attorney fee, and up to $250 of the title search fee. I use Fidelity National Title Insurance Company for the title searches. Fidelity has been charging my clients only $195 per certificate for a title search, but has recently inquired of me about the maximum amount allowed for redemption according to the court order. It maybe considering raising its rate, but for now, it has been accepting $195.

Additionally, I will send all notices of the purchase of the certificate and the expiration of the redemption period to all parties having an interest of record by certified mail return receipt requested, and enter my appearance on your behalf in court, file the petition for the deed with a proposed order for the court to grant it, and send notices of the filing of the petition to all necessary parties. After the Court grants the petition, the county auditor now sends letters to the purchaser/petitioner, requests checks be returned payable to the auditor and the recorder, along with the original tax sale certificate, and encloses a sales disclosure form to be completed. When all of that is returned to the auditor, he will have the property transferred on the tax rolls into your name, record the tax deed, and then return the deed to you by mail.

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